Food Safety Consulting


Every premises where food is manufactured, prepared or produced must have a food safety policy or a Good Manufacturing Practice. On the one hand one is obliged to prepare food that is safe for the public to consume and on the other hand most of the major clients require of their suppliers to adhere to certain standards and procedures. There are a number of different sets of standards that is used and it is a web of uncertainty for the new or small manufacturer to find out where to start to set up such a system.

Alet Erasmus holds a B.Home Economics. Ed degree from the University of Stellenbosch and has extensive experience teaching at high school and tertiary level. She also started Creative Cuisine Pantry during the early 2000’s and during the rapid growth of the business realised that a proper food safety regimen is not negotiable. She experienced the same problem of where to start and what to do. She then attended various food safety and HACCP courses and seminars and by trial and error and hard work established a food safety system for Creative Cuisine Pantry that adheres to world class standards.

Alet is accordingly in a good position to advise small businesses and to assist and guide them to set up a food safety regimen that will meet the standards of their particular industry. Please contact Alet at to discuss your needs and requirements.